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This app is designed to help people organise and manage lists of information...

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About this project

The purpose of this website is to help us achieve a sense of mental wellbeing whilst moving rapidly towards experiences we truly prefer. We start by having clarity about what we want, create a list of steps required to get us there, and then take action towards that desired experience. By first taking the time to think (instead of just jumping straight into action) we can align ourselves with the most exciting and fulfilling path.

Essentially, it's about having a system that makes it easy to create, organise and ground mental notes. You know, those inspired ideas we have in our mind that are just itching to be materialised - starting an exciting project, reconnecting with a friend, picking up an interesting hobby, ways to improve physical health, reorganising the home, gift ideas for our family, actions that bring us closer to the people we love... These can be life-changing ideas which require action to actually take physical form. If we are able to have a reliable and effective way to record those thoughts, we stand a much greater chance of making them experiential.

Having somewhere for the thoughts to flow to is like having an empty reservoir and then opening up a floodgate. Once the ideas start steaming, there can be A LOT of them! Before you know it, you'll be carried by the flow of your own creative energy, gliding along a path of excitement, fulfilment and joy.


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